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Big Bird and Susan, circa 1970
GREAT shot of Big Bird and Susan (different from above)
BEAUTIFUL shot of David and Maria!!
AWESOME cast shot from 1975!!
Olivia moves to Sesame Street, 1976
Funny backstage shot of Mr. Hooper hoisting a large Y
Funny photo of Susan and Bob (Definitely 70s!)
Nice photo of Luis and Mr. Hooper (circa 1978)
Fine shot of Gordon and Olivia, circa 1978
Classic shot of Mr. Hooper, Ernie, and Bert (circa 1974)
Nice shot of Susan and Kermit, early 70s
And, of course, let's not forget The Muppets!
GREAT picture of the FULL cast, different from the b&w one
Interesting close up picture of Mr. Hooper
Nice profile pic of Grover
Funny picture of Mr. Hooper and Oscar (from the first season)
Beautiful photo of Big Bird and Mr. Hooper
Excellent photograph of Susan, Gordon, and Oscar (early 70s)
Cookie, Herry, and Grover Sing Away!
Another excellent profile shot of Mr. Hooper!
Rather sad photo of David in 1988
Maria and Luis in love, 1988
Bob singing away, 1988
Nice family portrait: Gordon, Susan, and Miles
Gina as she first appeared, mid 80s
Classic photo of the "Original Cast", 1970
Similar to the above picture...alternate shot.
Nice photo of David from the early 70s
Nice late 70s pic of many of the cast members!
A nice profile shot of Bob!
Linda's very first appearance, April '71!!
Bob and Molly the Mail Lady!!
Nice early pic of Oscar the Grouch
Very nice picture of Susan
Another EXCELLENT pic of Oscar and Mr. Hooper!!
Bert is "Doin' the Pigeon"!
Nice early shot of Big Bird!
EXCELLENT photo of Susan and Oscar, 1970!!
"Has Anybody Seen My Dog?"
Great 1970 pic of Big Bird!
Nice photo with an early Snuffy appearance!
Rare photo of Oscar from the first season
Bob in a sketch, 1970
Rare color pic of an ORANGE Oscar, from the first year
Great early photo of Big Bird and Luis, 1974
Great profile shot of David!!
FANTASTIC photo of the "original cast", 1970!!
Early Bert and Ernie scene, 1970
Great early Oscar picture, wearing chef's hat...1970!!
Another great cast photo from 1970!
Similar to the above picture, alternate shot
Classic Cookie Monster pose!
Mr. Hooper in the candy store!
Nice early Big Bird pic!
Susan, Gordon, and David play with the kids!
Gordon holding up "Sesame Street" sign, first season
The full cast, circa 1973!
GREAT early pic of Big Bird and Snuffy!
Another color ORANGE Oscar pic!!
Nice early shot of Big Bird and Susan, 1969!!
Early Cookie Monster appearance!
Mr. Hooper plays with the kids!
Classic Big Bird profile shot
FANTASTIC photo of the gang from 1981!!!
Big Bird, Bob, Susan, and Mr. Hooper ON STAGE!!
Joe Raposo engineers a recording session, 1970
Roosevelt Franklin, the first "hip" Muppet, with his mother.
Susan teaches some children, 1969
Bob and the Anything People, 1969
Nice close-up pic of David, 1970s
Ethel Kennedy makes an appearance, 1970
Another early first season Oscar pic!
Mr. Hooper, Ernie, and a friend (from the first episode!!!)
Bob and Susan having a good laugh, 1969
Mr. Hooper making his customers happy, 1969
"Gee, I look just like Mr. Looper!" (Big Bird, 1971)
Another great publicity shot from the first year!!
Maria and Bob on stage, 1973!!
Another great Cookie Monster shot!
Big Bird, Susan, and Gordon on stage, 1973!!
David on stage, 1973!!
Snuffy on stage, 1973!!
Another early Bob pic, 1969!!
Big Bird and some more Muppet favorites, early '70s!
Great profile shot of Susan!!
Nice profile shot of Bob, 1969!
Fine shot of Mr. Hooper and the kids!!
Another fine Susan shot, 1969!!
A very rare scene from 1969 #1
Very rare scene from 1969 #2
"Just three colors, red and yellow and blue" (Big Bird and Oscar, 70s)
Another early Bob pic, 1969!
Susan, Gordon,and Luis on stage, 1973!!
Although in rough shape, this is still a great photo of the "original cast", 1970!
Bob on stage, 1973!
Maria and Luis on stage, 1973!
Mr. Hooper in a scene, mid-70s!
Nice pic of Susan, mid-70s!
Susan, Luis, and David on stage, 1973!!
Bob reads to the kids, 1969!!
Good picture of Cookie and Herry!
The Count and Oscar!
Bob, Susan, and a Dog Muppet in a first-season scene!
Mr. Hooper in a scene, 1969!
Bob in mid-song, '69!
Gordon and some kids, 1970!
"OK...Everybody wash!!", 1970!