You are my friend
And when I need it, you help me or I help you
Now, isnít that just a friendís supposed to do?
You give me all the things I lack
You give me love, I give it back

You are my friend
And when my luck runs out, youíre there to bring me more
Well, I have always thought that thatís what friends are for
So, I am sure you will agree that I need you and you need me
ĎCause youíre my friend

So if you ever find you need someone to tell your troubles to
You know that you can count on me like I know I can count on you

ĎCause we are friends
And so we help each other out through thick and thin
Now, isnít that where every friendship should begin?

And, so, in closing, let me say
If youíre a million miles away
I will not care if you will stay my friend