As I stand here before you
Iíd bet youíd never guess
That underneath this dazzling smile
My feelings are a mess

I donít know how much longer
I can keep the anger in
Although Iíve counted up to twelve
And maybe should again

Iíve clenched my teeth so hard they hurt
And thatís begun to wear
Perhaps I might feel better
If I pulled out all my hair

12,3,4, MMMMMM
1,2,3,FORGET IT!

Iím getting very nervous
Iím getting very tense
They say that self-control is good
And maybe that makes sense

By now, I should be raving mad
Iím like that as a rule
But, this time I am in control
I will not blow my cool

So, there you see Iíve done it
My performance was supreme
And now, if youíll excuse me, please
And now, if youíll excuse me, please
I think that I will
Thatís it!
One more