Heís smaller than me
Thereís so much that he doesnít know
Iím taller than he, much taller than he
But, Iím gonna help him to grow

When I was a baby, I looked that way too
Just sleeping and eating was all I could do
I grew to be older and learned lots of things
Like walking and talking, hiding and sliding
And pumping on swings

Like making up stories
Like climbing up poles
Like building a sandbox
And digging be coles

Yes, now that Iím older
I know lots of things
Like buttoning buttons and putting on socks
Like skipping and hopping and building with blocks
Like eating with knives and with forks and with spoons
Like knowing my name and blowing up balloons

Itís wonderful how I grew up to be me
Iíll help little baby
Heís smaller than me