Well, you can go out anywhere, and never need to comb your hair
If you’ve got a hat
It turns the hottest day in June into a Sunday afternoon
If you’ve got a hat

If you take my advice, you’ll try it
A sombrero or a cap
Just pick one up and buy it
With a brim or with a strap
Three’s no one who can deny it
You look good, and that is that
When you got a hat

When the rain begins to pour, you needn’t run in anymore
If you got a hat
If you don’t know what to say, you tip your hat, you walk away
I f you got a hat

And if your brother comes and kicks you
And won’t even say what for
And it makes you mad and angry and you can’t take it anymore
Well, you just take your hat right off your head and throw it on the floor
If you got a hat

Red, green, or blue, whatever’s good for you
Pick it out
And everybody that you meet when you’re walking down the street
Is gonna shout, “Hey, check that hat out!”

So, if you’re day is feeling grim, and you don’t like the mood you’re in
Put on your hat
If you see someone far away you wanna catch without delay
Wave your hat

And then the day you get a haircut
And you’re lookin’ pretty dumb
When you get back on your block, you wanna hide from everyone
Well, the way I got it figured, I can always keep it under my hat