A mouth can talk, a mouth can chew
Not many things a mouth can do
But hands, just mention hands and my heart sings
For hands can do so many many things

Your hands can brush your teeth or comb your hair
Throw a ball into the air
Wave hello, or wave goodbye
Even make a pizza pie
Use a fork, use a spoon
Hold a string on a balloon
Paint a picture, tie a shoe
So many things your hands can do

A nose can breathe, a nose can smell
Not many things a nose does well
But hands do so many things for you
Iíve mentioned some, now let me add a few

You hands can turn the pages of a book
Pick a phone off of the hook
Rub your nose, scratch your head
Flip a coin, or make your bed
Push a button, write your name
Pet a dog and play a game
Pick a flower, yes itís true
So very many things your hands can do