Who wants to go to a party
After it's said and done?
Singing and dancing and acting nice
That's not my kind of fun

I'd rather be nasty, I'd rather be crude
I'd rather just sit right here at home in a rotten mood

Who wants to go to a party?
Who wants to dress up cute?
Ring around Ralph and Flyman Fluff
I really don't give a hoot

I'd rather be angry, I'd rather be bad
I'd rather just stay here all alone so you know I'm mad

You always want to go your way
That suits me fine
So, ice cream and cookies are your favorite dish
Well, vinegar and pickle sauce are mine

Who wants to go to a party
With people I hardly know?
Sweaty little handshakes and "How dee do"s
I could never stoop that low

I'd rather act rotten, keep out of my way
I'd rather be rapped up in my trash, that's where I'll stay

Who says I have to like candy? Who says I have to like cake? So, if you like to go to a lot of crummy parties
That's your mistake

Who wants to go to a party
Wearing some funny hat
Smiling and talking friendly
Now, how could I speak to that??

I'd rather have tantrums, uh, I'd rather complain
And if your parties out of doors, I'll pray for rain

I'd rather be angry, and that's where it ends
Just mind your own business, and we can still be friends