It seems clear to me what you need is a story
It isn't too sweet, and it isn't too gory
But, just so you won't be awake half the night
I'll tell you a tale and its name is "Snow White"

Snow White was a girl who was lost in the woods
She wandered much farther from home than she should
She spied a small college so cozy and dear
And said, "Gee. I wonder who lives way out here?"

She knocked on the door, and from way deep within
She heard a small voice and it said, "Please come in"
She opened the door, and there in the hall
Were a whole bunch of people who were all very small

"I have never seen folks as little as you"
"My name's Snow White," she said, "How do you do?"
"We are the dwarves, and we're happy to meet you
We'll come one by one, 'cause we all want to greet you"

There was Lumpy and Snappy and Squeeky and Sneezy
And Gropy and Mopy and Fretful and Sleazy
And there was Prancer and Dancer and Blitzen and Crock
And one little dwarf who had just lost his sock

There was Humpty and Dumpty and Soggy and Squeaky
And Doris and Horis and Morris and Leaky
There was Billy and Millie and Willie and Nillie
And one with a sweater who said he was chilly

There was Bitten and Batten and Dirsten and Orman
And Margo and Rudolph and one who was Norman
There was Miles and was Standish and Alden and John
And one named Doleery who lived in a barn

There was Flippy and Spanky and Hokey and Tacky
And Jenny and Polly and Messy and Macky
There was Pokey and Flaky and Fricket and Frocket
And Fuzzy and Careless who had just lost his jacket

There was Sticky and Gooky and Hanky and Panky
Reezoodos, Imagual, Drensky, and Spanky
There was...