Tale a look at me walkin苧I like the way I walk
Take a look at me talkin苧I like the way I talk
If you致e never seen my kind, I wonder where you have been
A lot of people have my kind of skin
You know, I love the skin I知 in

Way, way back in the old days, we used to be ashamed
But, then we found out we were beautiful and they致e never been the same
I知 not just speaking for myself now, I speak for all of my kin
When I tell you just once more again
That I love the skin I知 in

Black is a fact, there is no taking it back
I wonder if you understand
I know you can see I知 happy to be
A bright-eyed, smart, tough, black young man

I know my letters and my numbers, and maybe better than you
So, if you look at me funny, I値l look at you funny too
Now, if we stop all that foolishness, I have a feeling we値l win
But just remember what my knee told my shin:
It said, I love the skin I知 in
It said, I love the skin I知 in
It said, I love the skin I知 in
Yes, I love it!