Hubert plays the tuba, Judy plays the flute
Baltazzar, the bass guitar
And Joey just stomps his boot
Randy strums on the banjo
While Lawrence plays the keys
And I do all the singing in
The Shim Sham Jamboree

Bobby plays the flyin' guitar, Sally plays the whine guitar
Jimmy plays the cello, listen to Jim
Betsey blows that saxophone, the old violin fills me to the bone
And you bet any kid would have to play second fiddle to him

That's Michalo blowing that Piccalo
And Ricky's kicking that drum
While Haley plays her ukelele
Seymore plays his thumb
And everyone is having fun
Trying to stay in harmony
So, join the song, and play along with
The Shim Sham Jamboree

Now everything is singing
and swinging to the clarinet
I call the tunes, and count them all
with a 1-2-3, get set
It's great to jam with the old Shim Sham
As grand as a band can be
So, join the song and play along with
With the Shim Sham Jamboree

The Shim Sham Jamboree