Roosevelt Franklin, what you say?
I say the very first letter is the letter A
Well, what more can you tell me?
I say, the very next letter is the letter B

Roosevelt, what comes after B?
Everybody knows itís the letter C
Young Mr. Franklin, what comes after C?
I know D comes right after C

Doesnít an E come right after D?
Thatís right, and then comes the F, and then comes the G
Roosevelt Franklin, what you say!
I say after the G comes the H-I-J

All right now, what comes after them?
I believe itís the K-L-M
Iíd like to hear some more from you
You do? How about this: N-O-P-Q

How about doiní some more for me?
Well, Iíll give you an R and an S and a T
Youíre getting right down to the end I see
Thatís right: U-V-W-X-Y-Z

Now, put it all together for me
Iíll let you hear my ABCís:

Roosevelt Franklin, you got that right
Roosevelt Franklinís goiní out of sight
You see, Iím Roosevelt Franklin
Iím Roosevelt Franklin
Iím Roosevelt Franklin