When we go for a ride, can I hold the map?—No!
Can I bring my pet turtle to rid in my lap?—No!
Can I stay up late?—No!
Will you give me a snack?—No!
Can I watch TV?—No!
Will you scratch my back?—No!

Whatever I ask you, the answer’s the same
I have just one more question:
Is “no” your real name?—No!

Can I visit a friend?—No!
I promise not to fight—No!
I won’t bother his mother,
Can I stay overnight?—No!
If I finish my homework and study my math
Can I get a real duck to swim in my bath?---Positively not!

I got a secret, I learned it from you
We will see how you like it
When I say “no” to you

Will you look in the street?—No!
And bring me some trash?—No!
Would you throw things on the floor?—No!
And make a loud crash?—Uh-Uh!

Will you mess up your room?—No! And dirty your clothes?—No! Would you please put some ink?—No! On the tip of your nose?—No!