The most beautiful music of all
Isn't Mozart or Bebop or Swing
It's the music that no one can sing
It's called noise

The most beautiful music there is
Isn't country or western or jazz
It's the music that most of all has
It's called noise!

Oh, I'd happily kick in the shin
Any person who plays violin
And I gladly will send to the moon
Any dingbat who plays the bassoon!

The most beautiful music I know
Isn't opera or ragtime or rock
It's the music that makes you yell "Yucch!"
It's called noise

Now whether you like it or lump it
I'd just love to melt down every trumpet
And I only can stand a soprano
When there's marshmellow in her her piano

The most beautiful music of all
Now, pay careful attention, my dears
It's the music that puctures your ears
It's called...

Come close, girls and boys
What old Oscar enjoys
It's thrill never cloys
It's much better than toys
It's called noise, noise, noise, noise, noise
Beautiful noise!