‘Twas the night before Christmas on Sesame Street
And the people were sleeping, ‘cause the people were beat
The snow had been falling for most of the day
And it lay over everything, city and gray

Now I was asleep with a gift of my momma’s
A warm, wooly pair of flannel pajamas
With what should awake me from out of my dream
But a “crash” and a “bang” and a couple of screams

So, up from the bed I arose with a shout
And ran to the window to check this scene out
The noise might have come from a mischievous kid
Or grouchy old Oscar flipping his lid

But, then what I saw nearly put me away
In the middle of Sesame Street, there’s a sleigh
With a jolly old guy, kind of smiling and cute
In a white flowing beard and a heavy red suit

Jumping into my coat, I ran on out
‘Cause I had to discover what this was about
When I got to the sleigh, this old dude said to me
“Please pardon the noise, I ran into a tree
I ruined my sleigh, lost the boots off my feet,
And the toys from my bag are all over the street”

From the way that he spoke, it was easy to dig
That this cat had to be somebody big
So I said, “That’s no problem. I’ll lend you my sled
And an old pair of boots I keep under my bed”

Then we picked up the streetfull of toys. He said, “Great!
But, I’m hassled and rushed and terribly late
So, I’ve got to split. There’s appointments to keep
And, David, it’s time you’d be getting to sleep”

I said, “Sure, but you’re using my sleigh for your pack
And how do I know that you’ll bring my sled back?”
Well, this sucker just giggled with all of his might
And he got on my sled, and he flew out of sight!
I called out to him, “Hey, man! Don’t put me on!
Please tell me your name!”…but by then, he was gone
The street was deserted, nobody was there
The toys and the sled disappeared in thin air!

Well, there was only one person that flies out of sight
So, I knew that the fat guy was Santa Claus, right?
And I really felt proud, ‘cause you better believe
That I was the hero of that Christmas eve

The next morning I went up and jumped out of bed
And under the tree was a shiny new sled
That’s how I helped Santa on one Christmas visit
And it’s only a story I made up,…. or is it?