I知 a person, even though I am very small
I知 a person, I pick myself right up when I fall
I have feelings, they tell me when I知 sad and when I知 happy
I知 a person

I知 a person, learning something new every day
I知 a person, finding out the things I want to say
I am growing and purple is my only favorite color
I知 a person

I am silly悠 can laugh until my eyes have tears
I like to wiggle my ears
I知 one of a kind it appears

I知 a person, I like to take a ride on my train
I知 a person, I sometimes run outside in the rain
I love stories, and hugs and kisses when it痴 time for bed
I知 a person

I have dreams that might come true
And secrets to tell you as time goes by
舛ause I am a person