Every day I wake up, and don't have any fun
Every day a gray cloud seems to cover up the sun
People run away and hide when I walk down the street
Life when you're a monster's not too neat

I know I'm loud and I sound like a crowd or maybe two
What can I do? I can't help it
I'm feeling glum 'cause I'm dumb and I'm clumsy through and through
What can I do? I can't help it

Please don't get sore if I smash down your door
Or yell and roar and wreck your floor
That's what monsters are for

Wish I were less of a messy, destructive sort of pest
I need a rest, but I can't help it

When I get low, you folks give me a glowMbr< It's great to know you love me so
Hey! Where did everyone go?

I know you flee when you see me
You run away in groups
But I just don't....Oops!
I just can't help it