1-Sesame Street Theme – The Kids
2-AB-C-DEF-GHI – Big Bird, with Gordon and Susan
3-I’ve Got Two – Oscar, Susan, Gordon, Bob, Mr. Hooper, and Big Bird
4-Goin’ For a Ride – The Anything Muppets
5-What Are Kids Called? – Bob and Susan
6-Everybody Wash – Ernie and Bert
7-One of These Things – Bob and Susan
8-Up and Down – Two Monsters
9-Bein’ Green – Kermit the Frog
10-Somebody Come and Play – The Kids
11-I Love Trash – Oscar
12-A Face – Bob
13-Big Bird’s J Poem – Big Bird
14-J-Jump – The Kids
15-The People In Your Neighborhood –Bob and the Anything Muppets
16-Rub Your Tummy – Gordon
17-Number Five – The Kids
18-Five People In My Family – The Anything Muppets
19-Nearly Missed – Susan
20-Rubber Duckie – Ernie
21-Closing – Gordon, Susan, Bob, Mr. Hooper, and Oscar


Matt Robinson as Gordon
Loretta Long as Susan
Bob McGrath as Bob
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Jim Henson as Ernie and Kermit the Frog
Frank Oz as Bert and Cookie Monster
Carroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch