1-Sesame Street Theme – Los Ninos
2-Bienvenidos (Welcome) – Malo
3-No Matter What Your Language (No Importa Su Idioma) – Luis and Big Bird
4-Yo (Me) – Maria and Cookie Monster
5-I’d Like to Tell a Story (La Del Cuento Soy Yo) – Vikki Carr
6-Loud and Soft (Fuerte y Suave) – Luis and Bob
7-Puerto Rico – Jose Feliciano
8-Rubber Duckie (El Patito) – Ernie and Bert
9-Tu Me Gustas (I Like You) – Vikki Carr and Grover
10-The People In Your Neighborhood (La Gente En Tu Barrio) – Maria, Susan, Luis, and Bob
11-Snow (Nieve) – Maria and Luis
12-Show Me How You Feel (Como Te Sientes?) – Malo
13-Take a Breath (Respirar) – Vikki Carr, with Luis
14-Bein’ Green – Jose Feliciano
15-Canta (Sing) – Los Ninos


Loretta Long as Susan
Bob McGrath as Bob
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Jim Henson as Ernie
Frank Oz as Bert and Grover
Carroll Spinney as Big Bird
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