1-The Lovable Monsters of Sesame Street—The Monsters of Sesame Street
2-I, Grover—Grover
3-Five Monsters In My Family—Anything Monsters
4-I Can’t Help It—Herry
5-I Want a Monster to Be My Friend—A Little Girl
6-Frazzle—Anything Monsters and Frazzle
7-We’ll Do It Together—Cookie Monster, Herry and Grover
8-Fur—A Maroon and Yellow Monster
9-Cookie’s Rhyming Song—Cookie Monster
10-Monster Lullaby—Mommy and Baby Monster
11-Games Monsters Play—Grover and Herry
12-Be Kind To Your Neighborhood Monsters—The Monsters of Sesame Street


Frank Oz as Cookie Monster and Grover
Jerry Nelson as Frazzle and Herry
Richard Hunt as Baby Monster and Maroon and Yellow Monster
Marilyn Sokol as A Little Girl and Mommy Monster
Also featuring Chris Cerf and Jim Henson