1-Lots of Stuff – Ernie, Bert, and the Muppet Gang
2-The Marching Song – The Muppet Gang
3-The Listening Game – Ernie and Bert, with Cookie Monster
4-Just Three Colors – Big Bird and Oscar
5-Name the Animal – Ernie, Grover, and the Muppet Gang
6-Y’all Fall Down – Big Bird and the Muppet Gang
7-Imagination – Ernie
8-Clink, Clank – Bert and Ernie
9-Tiger Hunt – Ernie
10-Simple Song – Oscar, with the Muppet Gang
11-Magic Cookie – Herbert Birdsfoot and Cookie Monster
12-Pat Pat Patty Pat – Bert, Herbert Birdsfoot, Big Bird, Prairie Dawn, Grover, and Ernie
13-Grover Takes a Walk – Grover
14-The Drawing Song – Farely, Prairie Dawn, and Ernie
15-Put It Away – The Muppet Gang


Jim Henson as Ernie
Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, and Grover
Jerry Nelson as Herbert Birdsfoot and Farely
Fran Brill as Prairie Dawn
Carroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch