1-What Do I Do When Im Alone? Grover
2-Name the Animal Grover, Ernie, and the Muppet Gang
3-Grover Takes a Walk Grover
4-Has Anybody Seen My Dog? Grover and Marty
5-Four Furry Friends Grover, Cookie Monster, Herry, and Oscar
6-Still We Like Each Other Grover
7-I Am Blue Grover
8-Two G Sounds Grover and George
9-Me Grover
10-I Stand Up Straight and Tall Grover
11-The Question Song Grover and a Little Girl
12-Over, Under, Around, and Through Grover
13-Just Because Grover and Prairie Dawn
14-Near and Far Grover


Frank Oz as Grover, Cookie Monster, and Bert
Jim Henson as Ernie
Jerry Nelson as Marty and Herry Monster
Fran Brill as Prairie Dawn and Other Little Girls
Carroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch