1-Rubber Duckie – Ernie
2-Everybody Wash – Emie and Bert
3-Ernie Presents “A” – Ernie and Cookie Monster
4-Tiger Hunt – Ernie
5-The Drawing Song – Farely, Prairie Dawn, and Ernie
6-Imagination – Ernie
7-Ernie Presents “Q” – Ernie and Cookie Monster
8-Ernie Dusts the Shelf – Ernie and Bert
9-Dee Dee Dee – Ernie
10-Would You Like to Buy an O? – Ernie and the Salesman
11-The Man Who Needs Help – Ernie and Simon the Sound Man
12-The Listening Game – Ernie and Bert, with Cookie Monster
13-The Wrong Patient – Ernie and a Doctor
14-Ernie Presents “U” – Ernie and Cookie Monster
15-Ernie Plays the Drums – Ernie and Bert


Jim Henson as Ernie
Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, and the Salesman
Jerry Nelson as Farely,Simon, and a Doctor
Fran Brill as Prairie Dawn
Carroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar