1-Introduction – Guy Smiley and The Count
2-Ladybug’s Picnic – Dwayne Wayne
3-Counting Is Wonderful –The Count
4-It’s a Lovely Eleven Morning – Tammy Whynot
5-The “15” Commercial – Guy Smiley
6-Ten Turtles – The Amazing Slim and His Country Turtlenecks
7-The Count’s Weather Report – The Count
8-Martian Beauty – The Mariners Nine
9-Numerical Correspondence (Sing a Song of Numbers) – The Transylvanian Symphony
10-Candy Man – Jerry Lee Nelson
11-It’s Been a Long, Long Time – The Royal Transylvanians
12-The Alligator King – The Alligator King
13-Count It Higher – Chris and the Alphabeats
14-Counting Is Wonderful (Reprise) – The Count
15-Country Six – The Amazing Slim
16-Numbers In the News – The Count
17-1-2-3-4-5! – Five Bat Night
18-Beep – The Anything Muppets
19-Four Big Lions – The Amazing Slim
20-I Just Adore 4 – Big Bird and the Tarnish Brothers
21-The “3” Song – The Amazing Slim and His Counting Fools
22-Subtraction Blues – David
23-Doll House – Polly Darton
24-The Song of The Count


Jerry Nelson as The Count and various other characters
Jim Henson as Guy Smiley and various other characters
Carroll Spinney as Big Bird
Richard Hunt as Various other characters
Marilyn Sokol as various characters
Northern Calloway as David