1-Right In the Middle of My Face—Bob, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster
2-Hands—The Count
3-Shake Your Wrist—Bert
5-I Have Feet—Grover
6-Take A Rest—Cookie Monster, Bert, and Bob
7-Bones—The Count
8-Up Goes the Castle—Ernie
9-With Every Beat of My Heart—Little Jerry and the Monotones
10-Everybody’s Got a Brain—Big Bird
11-Tummy Song—Grover, Big Bird, Bert, and Oscar
12-Every Body’s Song—Bip Bippadotta and the Androoze Sisters


Bob McGrath as Bob
Jim Henson as Ernie and Bip Bippadotta
Jerry Nelson as The Count and Little Jerry
Carroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch
With Chris Cerf, That Mumford, and Jeffrey Moss as The Monotones
With Mary Sue Berry, Lynn Roberts, and Maeretha Stewart as the Androoze Sisters