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Tiny Dancer, and her site: The Sesame Street Lyrics Archive

Sesame Street 1 (1970)
Sesame Street 2 (1971)
Susan Sings Songs from Sesame Street (1971)
Bob McGrath From Sesame Street (1971)
The Muppet Alphabet Album (1971)
Roosevelt Franklin (1971)
Haviní Fun with Ernie and Bert (1972)
Sesame Street Live! (1973)
C Is For Cookie (1973)
Ernieís Hits (1973)
Bertís Blockbusters (1974)
Big Bird Sings! (1974)
Grover Sings the Blues (1974)
Let a Frown Be Your Umbrella (1974)
Letters and Numbers (1974)
Somebody Come and Play (1974)
Sing the Hit Songs of Sesame Street
Sesame Mucho (1974)
Bob McGrath Sings for All the Boys and Girls (1974)
Pete Seeger and Brother Kirk Visit Sesame Street (1974)
Bert and Ernie Sing Along (1975)
The Count Counts (1975)
The Sesame Street Monsters! (1975)
Merry Christmas from Sesame Street (1975)
Let Your Feelings Show! (1977)
Signs! (1977)
Happy Birthday from Sesame Street (1977)
What Time Is It on Sesame Street? (1977)
Sesame Street Gold (1977)
Numbers (1977)
Big Bird Leads the Band (1977)
The Sesame Street Fairy Tale Album (1977)
Sleepytime Bird (1977)
Arenít You Glad Youíre You? (1977)
Bob Sings! (1977)
Sesame Street Story Time (1978)
On the Street Where We Live (1978)
David, Daydreaminí on a Rainy Day (1978) Sing Sang Song Singalong (1978)
Tenth Anniversary Album (1978)
Fair Is Fair (1978)
Sesame Street Fever (1978)
At Home With Ernie and Bert (1979)
Sesame Disco (1979)
Every Bodyís Record (1979)
Anne Murray Sings for the Sesame Street Generation (1979)
The Stars Come Out on Sesame Street (1979)
Dinah! Iíve Got a Song (1979)
The People In Your Neighborhood (1980)
Big Birdís Birdtime Stories (1980)
Love (1980)
Getting Ready for School (1981)
Sesame Country (1981)
Big Bird Discovers the Orchestra (1981)
Grin and Giggle With Big Bird (1981)
Christmas Eve on Sesame Street (1981)
For the First Time (1982)
Exercise! (1982)
Sesame Street Sing Along (1982)
Surprise! (1983)
The Gangís All Here (1983)
Born to Add (1983)
The Best of Big Bird (1983)
The Best of Ernie (1983)
The Best of Bert (1983)
The Best of Grover (1983)
The Best of Cookie Monster (1983)
The Best of Oscar the Grouch (1983)
The Best of The Count (1983)
Christmas Sing Along (1984)
ďFollow That Bird" Soundtrack (1985)