1-Born to Add—Bruce Stringbean and the S Street Band
2-Letter B—The Sesame Street Beetles
3-Count Up to Nine—The Count with Ftatateeta and the Bats
4-The Opposite Song—Chris and the Alphabeats
5-The Ten Commandments of Health—Dr. Thad and the Medications
6-Honk Around the Clock—The Honkers
7-Me Going to Munch You, Munch You, Munch You—Cookie Monster and the Crumbs Unlimited Orchestra
8-(I Can’t Get No) Cooperation—Mick Swagger and the Sesame Street Cobble Stones
9-With Every Beat of My Heart—Little Jerry and the Monotones
10-I Wish I Had a Friend to Play with Me—Bert
11-Count It Higher—Chris and the Alphabeats
12-I Want a Monster to Be My Friend—A Little Girl
13-Hey Food—Cookie Monster and the Sesame Street Beetles


Frank Oz as Bert and Cookie Monster
Jerry Nelson as The Count and Little Jerry
Marilyn Sokol as A Little Girl
Featuring Christopher Cerf, Jonathon Cerf, Jonathan Frith, Richard Hunt, Jeffrey Moss, That Mumford and Tish Sommers